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What is Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

As we all know that marketing is essential part of any business. Digital marketing is a quite new way to promote our products and services. In this marketing, we use electronic devices to deliver our marketing message. Nowadays most of the people are using electronic devices like tablet, phone, computer etc. So as a business owner or marketer we can advertise our product and services on these devices where people are spending so much time every day. This method of marketing is called Digital marketing. In digital marketing we use different kinds of ads like video, display, email, search etc.

Types of digital marketing


1. Social media marketing

What is digital marketing?

Advertisement our products and services with the help of social media sites is called social media marketing. It’s a well-known fact that most of the people spend their time on social media exploring different products and services. People show very good engagement also with influencers and brands. Posting regular content on social media could be very effective to attract people towards your brand. And when people engage with you or your brand, they trust you and ready to buy your product and services. It’s all about connecting with right audience and helping them with your product of services and if they find it useful, they will definitely transact with you. Nowadays, it’s very important to know each other before you taking buy call. And social media sites give you this platform to engage and build trust before they avail your services. So, if you are looking for brand awareness, engagement and trust with right audience, you must be active on social media.


2. Content Marketing

What is digital marketing?

In content marketing we help people to solve their problems with the help of useful content. We give not only information but real solutions of their problem. If you solve people’s problem with useful content, they will trust you and gradually you will become a brand for them. And later you can sell your products and services to these people. This overall marketing strategy is called content marketing. In content marketing you need a framework and strategy to engage targeted audience. You will have to understand the customer’s journey and accordingly engage them so that they can get some values from your content. But before creating content, you must do keyword research to find out what kind of content people are looking for. Once you find keywords, go ahead and create content around these keywords and solve people’s problem.


3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Through SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), we increase the visibility of our website in search engines websites like google, yahoo, bing etc. Whenever a user types a keyword in the search engine so many websites appear and SEO is all about increasing the ranking of your website in search engine when these keywords are searched. For example, if somebody is searching “ best dentist in delhi”, so your website should come at the top in search result and hence you get more leads and sales. In order to get good ranking of your website in search engine, you should have very good SEO strategy. There are about 200 ranking ranking factors that google consider before giving your website ranking in the search result. You must work on these factors to get good ranking.


4. Paid Marketing

It is a kind of digital advertising where companies or business owners target right prospects to sell their products and services. There are so many companies that offer paid ads services like google offers goggle ads, facebook offers facebook ads etc. If you are looking for generate leads and sales in short span of time. You must consider PPC ( Pay Per Click) that is a part of online paid advertising.


5. Email Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Email marketing is a kind of digital marketing to promote your product and services through email. By sending regular emails to our prospects, we can nurture our leads and gain their trust. And later we can sell our product and services through email promotions. Email marketing is an effective way to gain trust of your prospects and make them your customer.


6. Affiliate Marketing


In affiliate marketing, you make money when you sell someone’s product or service online. It’s a kind of referral earning. If you are a content creator and understand your audience then you can convince them to buy a third party product or service. In order to sell someone else’s product, you will have to gain the trust of your audience first and for this you need to create very good content and engage your audience. So, affiliate marketing is a great business that gives you opportunity to sell others products or services and makes money online.


 7. Video Marketing

Video marketing is a form of digital marketing that gives you power to sell your product and services through video content. As we all know that video is very effective in engaging people with your content. So, you can create videos related to your industry and teach people and provide them values. There are so many video platforms like you tube, Facebook, Instagram etc. where people are uploading video content to attract new people and later they sell their services.